John Stuart Edwardsa.k.a. Johnny, is an American writer


Johnny spent thirteen years conducting research for his writings inside eight different U.S. federal government agencies in Washington D.C. where he worked first as a contractor and then a federal government employee. Johnny conducted his research by performing experiments to improve information technology leadership, management, architecture, process re-engineering, budgeting, acquisition, modernization and sustainment.

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Johnny’s research took him deep into the nasty bowels of military and civilian U.S. government organizations in Washington D.C. where the stench of whistleblower retaliation floods the halls. Yet, despite threatening opposition by some long-tenured bureaucrats, Johnny pushed the boundaries of complacency and incompetence that is nestled comfortably inside sprawling federal government bureaucracies in Washington, D.C. and did so despite severe risks.

Johnny courageously challenged with innovation and intelligence the most fierce long-tenured bureaucrats in the U.S. federal government who are empowered by their corrupt and selfish nature to resist change and waste millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars each year.

Johnny experienced cruel and unusual Whistleblower retaliation by U.S. federal government officials during his research that hurt his family.

To publish his research, Johnny has immersed himself inside three distinct writing personalities: he is a journalist writing articles; an author writing books; and a freelance writer solving problems… you can read more about Johnny’s writing projects here.

Each writing personality has its own unique purpose, content and perspective.

Here is what every American Needs to know:

Whistleblowers’ lives are almost always guaranteed to be destroyed because they lose their jobs, their careers, their reputations, their houses, their savings, their friends and their families. But that is not the worst part. On top of all that, Whistleblowers lose their trust in people and justice, so Johnny is an active advocate for Anti-Whistleblower Retaliation legislation that would impose severe penalties, including incarceration, for any government official that retaliates against a Whistleblower. The federal government is out of control and citizens need strict measures now to incentivize lawful behavior by government officials and protect Whistleblowers against retaliation.

When a federal government agency leader engages in retaliation against a whistleblower who complains of fraud, illegal activities or other wrongful dealings in the federal workplace, the only threat the retaliator faces today is the risk of a lawsuit brought by the worker against the federal agency. The perpetrator of the fraud – the retaliator – cannot be sued because they have immunity, so the agency is sued. Now, keep in mind, this is a lawsuit brought by a worker who has probably been unlawfully fired or demoted, and has been defamed and lost everything so they have no resources to file a lawsuit. In a few cases, the worker has hope so they contact a lawyer who takes their savings if they have any, and they play the lottery. Few prevail because they just don’t have the resources to fight.

The federal agency, on the other hand doesn’t care about a lawsuit because taxpayers fully fund large federal legal departments in agencies that are packed with government lawyers who defend the retaliators.

That’s right. People who blow the whistle on the U.S. government are treated like poor rape victims or victims of a pedophile attack who, whether we like it or not, are shunned by our society and ridiculed, while the government officials who committed crimes, abused their authority and retaliate are provided full legal protections paid for by taxpayers.

The entire system is upside down.

One major flaw with the Whistleblower Protection laws passed by Congress is that while they prohibit retaliation, the laws provide absolutely no justice for Whistleblowers because they don’t hold people – the individuals who break the law and retaliate – accountable.

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