John Stuart Edwardsa.k.a. Johnny, is an American writer

Johnny spent his entire adult life conducting research inside corporations and government agencies. He has performed sophisticated leadership and management experiments in order to discover the most effective ways to improve processes, services, operations and reduce wasteful spending.

Some of Johnny’s research took him deep inside the disgusting bowels of military and civilian government organizations in Washington D.C. where the stench of Whistleblower corpses and retaliation flood the halls. 

Johnny courageously challenged with innovation and intelligence the fiercest long-tenured bureaucrats in the U.S. federal government who are still empowered by their corrupt and selfish nature to resist change and waste billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars each year.

To publish his research and alert the American public to the atrocities he witnessed, Johnny has immersed himself inside three distinct writing personalities: he is a journalist writing articles; an author writing books; and a freelance writer solving problems… you can read more about Johnny’s writing projects here.

Each writing personality has its own unique purpose, approach and perspective.

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