Donna – Jimmy Forever

Haiku Collection


John Stuart Edwards

See Sister Donna,

Poised, Intelligent Beauty–

A starlet at night.


Purity of soul,

Hike mountain, river, valley

Destined to grow old.


Brother is Jimmy,

Donna everything to Jim

and Jim to Donna.


A generous man

gives heartfelt love everyone–

Gift to everyone.


Fine Son and Daughter,

Grandmother and Grandfather–

Three grand-babies now.


Suit case well-traveled

by all means to what matters,

Donna sees the world.


Mountain Magic, Ski.

Bear chasing bear up a tree–

Knit, Cook, Love, Walk, Play


Donna is with us,

Love always and forever–

 Coldest wintry wind.


Every hour and day

Unpleasant emotion, afraid–

Callous night waiting.


Pray now for Donna

and the grandchildren and kids,

Gods blessings to Jim.

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