John Stuart Edwards, a.k.a. Johnny, is an American writer


Author –  Johnny is writing a fictional novel for publication in 2018 that is based on some of his experiences working for government parasites inside the Capital Beltway. The novel examines whistleblower retaliation through the lens of Johnny’s fantasies about American justice and government accountability.

Freelance Writer – Johnny is writing a federal technology spending manifesto to show U.S. taxpayers how Congress and the President can easily cut $500 Billion in wasteful spending from the federal discretionary budget. The manifesto is a strategic plan for U.S. federal technology assets and investments that creates a government that is far more secure, works better and costs a fraction of what it costs today to operate. 

Johnny admits, “There is only one obstacle to eliminating fraudulent and wasteful spending by the United States federal government. It is the long-tenured career bureaucrats in Washington D.C. that spend taxpayer funds and retaliate against whistleblowers. Power over money at all costs. These are people that view abuse of authority and deceit as something less than murder, so it’s ok. These are also the people that need to be eliminated from the U.S. federal government by any means necessary. They need to be exposed and destroyed. An eye for an eye.”

The manifesto is based on thirteen years investigative research that Johnny conducted inside eight different U.S. federal government agencies.

Read more about Johnny’s research here and read his biography here.

And inside the realm of theoretical physics, Johnny is writing a paper that he believes explains the existence of God and the role of God in the universe. Johnny talks about his theory using an empty paper towel roll with a few scribbles on it to illustrate two different views of time and matter.

Journalist –  Johnny is writing a series of articles to cast sunlight on the corrupt and morally bankrupt federal government bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. that retaliated against him during his research inside their agencies. 


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941) said,

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

Under the ‘law of retaliation,’ a person who has injured another person must be penalized to a similar degree. An eye for an eye.  

Johnny’s investigative series on whistleblower retaliation will explore many topics:

  • How firing a fed is easy when the employee is a whistleblower.
  • The torturous destruction of a whistleblower’s life and the resurrection.
  • Why U.S. Presidents, the Congress and the Washington D.C. media do not hold U.S. government bureaucrats accountable when they retaliate against whistleblowers.
  • Whistleblowers are an anomaly that threaten power and popularity in Washington D.C.
  • Can you name one ‘whistleblower retaliator’ in the U.S. federal government who was fired or imprisoned for destroying a whistleblower’s life?
  • Why are Whistleblowers an endangered species in the U.S. federal government?
  • Who are the ‘whistleblower retaliators’ that should be fired or imprisoned? 
  • An eye for an eye whistleblower retaliation law is needed. It will be the best tool for citizens to protect their rights.  

Johnny’s articles are based on thoroughly documented and substantiated research and evidence such as audio recordings, videos, government correspondence, emails, court records, Freedom of Information Act requests, Inspector General and other internal agency reports. Johnny meticulously tagged these artifacts with the keyword “follies” when he worked inside the government for easy retrieval, and he collected and stored the evidence in secure online repositories that will be shared with the American public for the first time.  

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