How Will Trump “Deal” With Riots?

Did you know that U.S. presidents have the power to activate the National Guard and place it under federal control? A governor or president could use the National Guard to help law enforcement officers stop riots in Portland Oregon, or deploy the Guard to provide security for families living in high crime neighborhoods in Chicago Illinois.

And let’s not forget securing the southern border. The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law signed in 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act is to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.

Now, we must acknowledge that there are many sides to this issue and a lot of different and strong arguments about the role of the military in civil affairs, so we are merely suggesting that federalizing the National Guard is an option available to a president to protect citizens from radicals who commit crimes under the U.S. Constitution. It can never be deployed to discourage speech. During the campaign, President-Elect Trump promised to provide more security for high crime cities like Chicago and secure U.S. borders with a wall. The Rules for Anti-American Radicals Playbook is happening now – the steps are illustrated above for the riots in Portland.

Our view is that Anti-American and other Hyphenated-American protests around the country are – in some cases – being fueled by hired community organizers who are simply doing what they were hired to do by Soros and a few other billionaire leftist freaks. These covert operators were exposed for the first time during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign through Project Veritas.

Some of the youth who were raised in this country to think that everyone who participates should get a trophy are disappointed about the election results. They were brainwashed by the MSM to think they had won, and now they are throwing tantrums in our city streets – just like they did when they didn’t get their way as a younger child.

When citizens turn violent, it is government’s responsibility to intervene. Enforce the laws we have and everyone will be safe, again. Free speech is to be protected and if the protests are peaceful everything will be fine.

On January 20, 2017, Mr. President-Elect Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. The sniveling kids – some of them – if they continue to turn violent – are probably in for a very big surprise.

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The Second American Civil War

The Washington Post on Friday released audio of Donald Trump having a “locker room” type conversation about women more than a decade ago – in 2005 on an open mic with George H.W. Bush’s nephew, Billy Bush. Both men have apologized for their comments. Also on Friday, WikiLeaks released campaign emails from earlier this year that prove Hillary Clinton lied to voters – this time about her stance on open borders and trade deals during paid secret speeches to Wall Street firms where she was paid millions of dollars.

Reaction in the media and inside the beltway to these stories has been swift. Millennial voters who supported Bernie Sanders say they will never vote for Clinton while the Bushes and anti-Trump establishment Republican politicians say they will never vote for Trump. Former President George H.W. Bush – whose nephew is at the center of the disparaging remarks – is voting for Hillary Clinton for president.

On election day, Trump voters should abstain from voting for any Republican on the ballot in their state that is anti-Trump. In Virginia that includes Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) who faces a competitive reelection challenge in her northern Virginia district. Any Republican politician willing to hand the election to Clinton should be rebuffed.

Voters should clean house once and for all by sending a signal to the Republican establishment in Washington on election day that enough is enough. The Bush Family and establishment Republicans have done everything possible in this campaign to elect Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters need to send a message on election day that “we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!” They need to knock on doors and on election day show up.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election a civil war may break out. The country is divided between the political establishment of both parties in Washington and the rest of America who pay taxes, obey our laws and create jobs. It is time to change the direction of our country and today marks the beginning of the Second American Civil War between the Bush and Clinton Dynasty’s of Washington elites and Wall Street bankers against the irredeemable deplorable Americans they despise.

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The American War On Radical Terrorism of 2016

In the debate on Monday night, when the moderator was pressing Donald J. Trump on race relations, many viewers wondered why Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t asked about her support for Black Lives Matter protestors  who commit hate related crimes and murder police officers across our country.

It has been widely reported that Mr. Trump is a vocal supporter of improving law enforcement and border security to make Americans safe again. Mr. Trump has proposed providing federal block grants to states for school vouchers to increase opportunities in poor communities and says he will eliminate Common Core to improve education through state and local competitions. Mr. Trump has proposed a comprehensive family/child care program for youth and seniors that is market driven and says he supports the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, enacting major tax cuts to stimulate the economy and increase jobs, enabling energy independence from Middle Eastern oil, gun rights and religious freedoms for all Americans.

But more importantly, on national security Mr. Trump has put a name to the single most dangerous immediate threat to our country’s safety and prosperity – radical Islamic terrorism. Mr. Trump’s national security strategy to defeat this enemy is clear and comprehensive despite Hillary Clinton and media claims that he has no plan.

Yet contrary to the many detailed policy positions that Mr. Trump has put forward in this campaign, Mrs. Clinton in rallies this week says that she believes the biggest threats to the security of the United States is global warming and forgiving student loan debt. Mrs. Clinton touts all police involved shootings as discriminatory and says a Donald Trump presidency is supported by irredeemable and deplorable people. She will keep Obamacare, raise everyone’s taxes, increase regulations that stifle innovation and kill jobs; and continue to discourage domestic coal energy production by providing federal taxpayer subsidies to high cost fuel alternatives.

When Hillary Clinton blows her dog whistle and says, “Stronger Together” she is signaling her special interest groups to fund her ridiculous policies so she can win the election.  She represents only those big donors who provide her money in exchange for favors, not normal working Americans who support the Constitution and the military and veterans. Special interest groups that swirl to fund the Clinton political machine do not have American’s interests in mind; they only aim to enrich themselves.

Many Americans believe that the biggest threat to the security of our nation stems from the rapid ongoing loss of freedom and prosperity that has accelerated during the Obama administration. According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, only 28.6 percent of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction. That means more than 7 out of every 10 people surveyed believe the country is on the wrong track.

Despite these views by the majority of Americans, Mrs. Clinton insists she wants to continue the current direction under Obama that has doubled the national debt, divided the American people more by race, and opened our borders to allow American jobs to flow to other countries while radical Islamic terrorists invade our neighborhoods from foreign countries.

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It is indeed an indictment of our educational systems and mass media culture that so many Americans – up to 49 percent in some recent polls – support Clinton and don’t know or care that the Obama and Hillary direction will be a disaster for our country. Americans will continue to have a stagnate economy and declining influence in the world under Hillary Clinton. Our enemies will be emboldened. Our nation is being transformed by the Democratic Party into a weak world organization that empowers only the Washington establishment and media elites and Hillary Rodham Clinton is their standard bearer.

Sadly, too many people in our country today were never taught or raised by their parents to know that when our country is under attack, it is our Constitution that needs to be defended – not opposed. Our next president, whoever it is, will take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic. If Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected president, the oath she takes in January 2017 will be just another lie in her long list of lies issued during her lifelong journey to power. If Hillary is elected, the corrupt control of our country from the highest office in the world will have been sold to the highest bidders.

Freedom and prosperity for all Americans will be lost forever if Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected to the office of the President of the United States of America and future generations will inherit fewer freedoms and experience the consequences of economic and social decline.

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Proof that Shit Floats to the Top

Updated on July 30, 2016 @ 6 a.m. EST

It was earlier reported that federal employee Mr. Aung Htein was provided “hush money” to conceal racism and corruption by his bosses Lisa LahrmanByron Zuidema and Portia Wu.

Portia Y. Wu, a graduate of both Yale and Cornell Universities had served as Special Assistant to President Obama before being sworn in as the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training in April 2014.  Since taking office, Wu has orchestrated the greatest expansion and coverup of racism and whistleblower retaliation ever documented in the department. Now her boss Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez is upping the ante by dangling a Senior Executive Service job in front of Mr. Htein in exchange for his continued participation in covering up widespread racism against African Americans who work for him. Perez has already been dumped by the Clinton campaign as a potential vice presidential running mate because he was caught lying about his grandfather being expelled from the Dominican Republic for opposing the dictatorship of Rafael TrujilloArchival records show that his grandfather, Rafael Brache, was in fact one of the dictator’s champions.

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Since 2014, Mr. Htein, who is currently a GS-15 Supervisory Information Technology Specialist, has seen his responsibilities and budget cut in half as a result of department-wide consolidations of technology resources and services into the Office of the Chief Information Officer which makes the senior level executive position that Perez is offering Htein now totally unjustified and clearly a bribe. One insider told this reporter, “Everyone who works here knows what is happening, but the Obama administration loves Perez, and the press have no interest in exposing any corruption by Democrats in this administration. Anyone who stands up to these racist pigs is crushed and their careers are immediately destroyed.”

On top of that, after blowing through millions of taxpayer dollars during the past year to modernize technology systems across the agency, the federal employees and contractor staff that Htein supervises should be reduced and his position and grade consolidated – not increased. Evidently, Perez feels that paying off Htein with a promotion for discriminating against African Americans and retaliating against Whistle Blowers is a better use of taxpayer funds.

Htein is also dodging a myriad of Inspector General complaints filed against him for working secretly with contractors to violate multiple sections of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Two insiders told this reporter that all contracts awarded by Htein since May 2016 are being protested by vendors. And still, Perez wants to promote him.

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Htein, who has worked at the Labor Department as a contractor or federal employee his entire adult life and Lahrman, who has also worked at the Labor Department for her entire career spanning more than three decades, are both living proof that over time, shit floats to the top in our government.

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Finally, another reason for creating and dangling the new position in front of Htein is that the official report of investigation says that Aung Htein, who manages the technology office in the Employment and Training Administration is placing all the blame for the discrimination he administered at the feet of his boss Lisa Lahrman. Mr. Htein’s testimony claims that all his illegal actions were the result of orders he received directly from Lahrman, Zuidema and Wu – despite substantial evidence in the report that shows that Htein also had full advance knowledge of and even authorized and approved all the discriminatory and retaliatory actions he carried out without any protest.

Court documents also show that as early as last year Aung Htein told collegues that he was told by Zuidema and Wu that if he kept silent about the widespread discrimination and whistleblower retaliation at the agency that he would be offered a Senior Executive Service SES position in 2016. Well, with this latest bribe from Perez for all to see, Mr. Zuidema who is the Deputy Assistant Secretary fulfilled his promise to Htein, sending a signal to all African Americans that if you stand up to their tyranny, you will be destroyed. Several African Americans who work for Wu across the entire agency echoed the same concerns, “If a ‘real’ and unbiased investigation was ever conducted by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel or the Congress, these people would be fired and sent to prison or worse for the intentional harm and damage they have done to the African American workforce at the Labor department and across the nation.”

Major decisions  in this case are expected from the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that when concluded, will all be posted online for the world to see.

Aung Htein is a career federal bureaucrat at the U.S. Department of Labor. If Perez’s bribe is carried out, Htein will be selected for the newly created position and join Hillary Clinton’s protected club of corrupt senior officials in Washington D.C. The job posting on the website is being administered by Mr. John Sylvia who is a human resources specialist at Labor.  His phone number is 774-365-6851 and his email is

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A Letter to all 2016 Presidential Candidates

~~ This is a letter from a federal Whistleblower’s Family ~~

All Presidential Candidates,

Whistleblowers are freelancers in the government and free press that help fight corruption and restore honor to government service. We are Americans who reside in Virginia.  One of us is a federal Whistleblower at a federal agency in Washington D.C.  We would like to offer you some advice:

The best way to identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in our government is to create a culture of protection and honor for Whistleblowers. It will cost a fraction of what you’ll gain – not just in recovery efforts but also in prevention. We are not talking about snitches here; we are talking about people who are trying to do the right thing and will be permitted to do so. The Christian thing. And despite what your advisors might say, that culture does not exist today in our federal government anymore.

Everybody in this country knows about the waste, fraud and abuse in all our federal programs but no one inside the beltway will step up and help define it because they are afraid. Politicians lack courage to challenge it.  People who work in government or for contractors who work for the government are afraid to report anything

And don’t think for a moment that they don’t see it because everyone who is honest does. Their biggest fear in not coming forward is not being able to put food on their family dinner table since reporting corruption and fraud is analogous to committing treason in the federal government. The open acts of retaliation against Whistleblowers are ubiquitous.

We need revolutionary change in America – and here are some ideas we think will help you:

We need to incentivize all people who work in the government to report abuses by first protecting whistleblowers from retaliation.  That is the root cause of the problem.  The incentive to do what is right for our country has nearly evaporated during the Obama administration.  Whistleblowers have a target on their back and they all know it.

One way to dramatically disrupt Washington D.C. quickly is by finding a way to pay all Whistleblower legal fees – whether they win or lose – through whistleblower insurance and then rewarding Whistleblowers through national recognition.  The financial pain and physical and emotional suffering people like us and our families endure as Whistleblowers is horrendous, it is hell. It is the worst experience ever in our lives.

Whistleblowers should not have to bow down to seek protection from our bureaucracies and evil, incompetent and racist federal bureaucrats; they should be honored and given a medal for doing the right thing.

If you get elected our President, please put forward legislation in your first 100 days to immediately purge our government of the establishment elite and power hungry lobbyist and protected bureaucrats across our federal government.  Take immediate steps to clear the way for significant reforms that make our country great again by working with Whistleblowers to develop legislation that provides funding to support Whistleblowers legal fees.

Lastly, you will need to find a way to create a culture of protection and honor for Whistleblowers so that when fraud, waste and abuse appear, it is dealt with quickly and not concealed by government agency legal departments, boards, or commissions.

Best Wishes for Your Success in the Election,

_ & +  #@!%*()

(identities protected)


This letter was submitted to all candidates through their websites.

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