John Stuart Edwards, a.k.a. Johnny, is an American writer


Author –  Johnny is writing a novel that is based on his experiences working for government parasites inside the United States Capital Beltway. The novel examines #Whistleblower retaliation through the lens of Johnny’s fantasies about American justice and government accountability.

Freelance Writer – Johnny is writing a federal technology spending manifesto to show U.S. taxpayers how Congress and the President can easily cut $500 Billion in wasteful spending from the federal discretionary budget. The manifesto is an instruction manual for managing U.S. federal government technology assets that explains the bold actions needed by the U.S. to create a government that is more secure, works better and costs a fraction of what it costs today to operate. 

Johnny admits, “There is really only one major obstacle to eliminating fraudulent and wasteful spending by the United States federal government technology cartel. It is to exterminate the incompetent long-tenured career bureaucrats in Washington D.C. that waste taxpayer money and retaliate against Whistleblowers. These are people that view abuse of authority and deceit as a way of life and they need to be identified and removed from the U.S. federal government by any means necessary.”

The manifesto is based on extensive investigative research that Johnny conducted inside U.S. federal government agencies.

Another freelance project Johnny is exploring involves theoretical physics. Johnny has developed a theory that he believes explains the existence of God and the role of God in a universe that consists of two very different views of time and matter.

Journalist –  Johnny is writing a series of articles to cast sunlight on the corrupt and morally bankrupt federal government bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. that retaliated against him during his research inside their agencies. 

blogJohnny’s articles are based on thoroughly documented and substantiated research and evidence such as audio recordings, videos, government correspondence, emails, court records, Freedom of Information Act requests, Inspector General and other internal agency reports. 

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