Ode To The Whistle-Blow

Honor is discreet and helpless and wise,

The guardians – a system we despise,

Under cloak of darkness in the light rise,

The sound of the Whistle-Blow called a lie.


The people who know – recalcitrant fear,

No coming forward to hold what is dear,

Accusations and repudiations,

The sound of the Whistle-Blow hits deaf ear.


The Whistle-Blow is a very rare sound,

With so much corruption spinning around,

Evil bureaucrats dominate our lives,

The government, Washington, full of lies.


Money, corruption, and women who hide,

The truth is obvious before our eyes,

Yet darkness of shadow in the deep state,

Blocks honor and truth, heaven, and our faith.


Americans wake up! Stand up and rise,

Hear the Whistle-Blow sound, shout, come alive,

List retaliators who terrorize,

Unveil their retaliation disguise.


Disinfect corruptors with bright sun light,

Humiliate, torture, bankrupt their minds,

Bring to their families what they bring ours,

Cruelty, punishment, an eye for an eye.


Stand up, be bold, proud, and yell out your door,

“The time has come people, see the real world!”

Lock’em up, toss the key and publicize,

Put them in jail, humiliate, despise.


The boldness and power are what must die.

Their jobs, salaries, reputations, will –

Must be sacrificed, mutilated, killed.

To hear the sweet Whistle-Blow one more time.


Cruelness, temperament, tempered by steel,

Harshness, shameful, rules, obey make us kneel,

Take into our hands what government not,

The cipher of Whistle-Blow is red hot.


Ode to the Whistle-Blow, end the deceit,

Ode to the Whistle-Blow, hear us repeat,

Ode to the Whistle-Blow, it’s a new time,

Ode to the Whistle-Blow, sunlight sunshine.

Capitol Hellway Media Company LLC

A Free Media Company in the 21st Century