Killing Prem Aburvasamy and Eric Marks

Prem Aburvasamy and Eric Marks are corrupt government bureaucrats who work together at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). This week, they jointly filed a criminal complaint against me with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Today, two law enforcement officers were dispatched to our home in southwest Florida to interrogate me and my wife. 1

On December 6, 2017, a DHS agent and Sheriff’s counterintelligence officer came to my home after I published a story about corruption and Whistleblower retaliation at the National Labor Relations Board. The agents told my wife and me that we should “be careful” and contact them if we see anything unusual like our “cats getting killed” or sudden vandalism at our home. They said that they were just, “doing what some SES in Washington ordered,” referring to Aburvasamy.

I recorded the meeting. The two agents asked and I agreed to not publish the recording or reveal their identities online because they said that they fear retaliation if I publish their names together with the details of our conversation. They seemed like good men who were just following ridiculous orders from parasitic bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

In their DHS complaint, Aburvasamy and Marks alleged that they fear for their lives because of a story I published last week.

On November 30, 2017, I published the story, Killing Whistleblower Retaliators at the NLRB using satirical art in which I described the retaliation that my family suffered at the hands of Aburvasamy, Marks and other corrupt federal government employees in Washington D.C.  

In the article, I wrote that, “I believe that [Aburvasamy and Marks] have committed and covered up crimes against the United States of America and should be fired, publicly humiliated and never allowed to work again in any job paid for by taxpayers for the rest of their lives.”

I also explained that, “Working at the NLRB was surreal. At times, I imagined that I was working for the mafia. The NLRB has two classes of employees who work there. The workers who are too afraid to blow the whistle, and the executives who are too corrupt to be held accountable.” 2

For the record, I do not intend to murder Washington swamp creatures Aburvasamy and Marks.

I hope to help inform the public and Congress about their poor character and corruption so that President Trump’s new General Counsel will take action to kill their jobs and #draintheswamp in Washington D.C.

As the law enforcement officers left our home, we recognized the absurdity of the complaint and its purpose. A Senior Special Agent for DHS had to drive many hours from a distant city just to knock on our door to investigate an absurd charge. This latest act of retaliation by Aburvasamy and Marks is just another example of the two conspiring to make ridiculous complaints against a Whistleblower, and then use the investigative resources of a federal government agency to carry it out.

It also proves the power and reach that corrupt federal government employees like Aburvasamy, Marks and their bosses have been provided at taxpayer expense to intimidate federal government employees who blow the whistle, leave the federal government and move far away.

What’s next, an IRS audit?

In my opinion, Prem Aburvasamy is an incompetent and worthless federal government Chief Information Officer who needs to be terminated now. Charles Eric Marks is Aburvasamy’s deputy and should be fired for his scandalous participation and breaking the law. Peter B. Robb 3 is their new supervisor who started work at the NLRB on November 17, 2017, after being appointed by President Trump. And, Robb’s deputy is still Jennifer Abruzzo who I think should be fired too.

The whistleblower retaliation story I published last week is not the only reason that federal law enforcement visited my home today. President Trump’s new appointee was involved too.

On December 3, 2017, I emailed NLRB General Counsel Peter B. Robb and offered him congratulations on his new job along with a link to my story. I also wrote, “Your current deputy, Jennifer Abruzzo, was serving a noncareer appointment prior to your arrival there. Sources inside your agency tell me that before your confirmation, Abruzzo was planning to remain at the agency – either as your deputy, or in a career SES position that she created prior to your appointment. As the article explains, I am publishing an investigative series about the corruption that I witnessed at the agency by Abruzzo and her retaliation against me for blowing the whistle. Whether you keep her or not, I would love the opportunity to interview you about your decision before I publish the next article about corruption and whistleblower retaliation at your agency. The focus of that article is either going to be Abruzzo’s retention by you, or her dismissal/departure.”

I followed up with Mr. Robb and the NLRB Public Affairs Office for comment two days later on December 5, 2017, and discovered that my emails to Mr. Robb and Public Affairs were being monitored and blocked by the NLRB CIO [Aburvasamy] and could not be delivered. Using another email account that I verified with Robb earlier, we were able to email this message to him on December 5th and confirm delivery.

“Mr Robb, your CIO has taken actions to block our emails to you, and to your Public Affairs Office seeking comment (on my article). Did Aburvasamy do this at your direction? Does this mean that you are going to retain Abruzzo in the agency and join the technology corruption cartel that has existed there for decades? Let us know how best to contact your agency.”

And the next day, on December 6, 2017, I was ambushed by law enforcement at my home to threaten and intimidate my family.

There is clearly a causal link between communicating corruption to NLRB government employees and swift retaliation by them using taxpayer funded investigative services to carry it out. One year ago, it was the Inspector General David Potts Berry who concocted an investigation for Aburvasamy and Marks when I worked for the government and blew the whistle on them. Now, they are using the same playbook with the Department of Homeland Security because I am a civilian now and outside the reach of their corrupt $275 million per year taxpayer budget.

What’s next, a visit to Guantanamo for interrogation?

As a result of this latest threat by the NLRB corruption cartel who sent a federal agent into our home today, we now fear for our lives. We believe that the NLRB corruption cartel is conspiring to retaliate against us again and bring harm to my family in Florida.

Aburvasamy and Marks are being permitted by their boss to intimidate my family and threaten me using government resources paid for by taxpayers for a second time. Today, more taxpayer money was wasted by sending two law enforcement officers a great distance to intimidate us. What’s next? 

Will a hit man be sent to our home?

If my wife and I die suddenly – please let this story serve as my testament that we knew who murdered us. We fear for our lives now and it was the corrupt federal government swamp creatures who work at the NLRB that made a direct personal threat against us today when they dispatched a federal government agent to our home to investigate a frivolous charge. The DHS case number is N17003708. 4

At 7:30 PM on December 6, 2017 the following email message was delivered to the NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb:


Mr. Robb, I was visited by federal law enforcement today. I hope you will read my latest article about that. I see you are continuing to block my emails and have no intention of responding to my requests for an interview or comment.

Please direct your staff to stop harassing me. My wife and I feel threatened and fear for our lives. If the threats and retaliation continue, I will report you to the appropriate authorities and post my complaints online. I am a journalist and you don’t have to respond to my requests for information. But the law (5 U.S.C. § 552) does require that you respond to my FOIA requests which your agency still has not done.  And I have rights under the U.S. Constitution that you may be attempting to deny.5

John Stuart Edwards / Journalist

On December 11, 2017, an official complaint was filed by Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) with the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Peter B. Robb, Jennifer Abruzzo, Prem Aburvasamy and Charles Eric Marks for abuse of authority and for violating an investigative journalist’s Constitutional Rights.

Three weeks later, Abruzzo abruptly resigned.

Justice Department Complaint - Peter B Robb - NLRB

According to a letter dated January 9, 2018, from Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, the Department of Justice is now reviewing the conduct of Prem Aburvasamy, Eric Marks and other NLRB officials involved in the complaint. It is expected that Aburvasamy and Marks will experience the same fate as Abruzzo or be exterminated from federal workforce in some other way.

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  1. This is the second article in a series that explains why the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board appointed by President Obama is leaving the federal government despite being asked by President Trump to serve another term. Phillip A. Miscimarra is returning to 5522 S Garfield Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521-5013 to be with his wife Mary.
  2. See “Obama pick for NLRB was top lawyer for union tainted by mob ties, history of corruption
  3. Peter B. Robb (born 01/24/1948) and wife Kathleen K. Robb (born 06/07/1949) – reside at 141 Piney Brook Way, Brattleboro, Vermont; and Sutton Place, Longboat Key, Florida.
  4. The DHS Senior Special Agent and the law enforcement officer who visited our home on December 6, 2017 were professional and courteous at all times when they spoke with us and they did not make any specific verbal threats to commit murder and end our lives.
  5. See NLRB FOIA tracking numbers: LR-2017-1152, LR-2017-1264, LR-2017-1283, LR-2017-1297, and LR-2017-1313.