We Need To Reverse the Blacklisting Rule

Why do we still have the Executive Order –Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces?

Did you know that it is being implemented right now in our government by a radical left wing activist at the Department of Labor?

Lafe Solomon is considered by Watchdog.org to be one of the Scariest People of 2016. He is also the U.S. Department of Labor senior labor compliance adviser that has been in charge of implementing the 2014 “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” executive order signed by President Obama on July 31, 2014.

Inside the beltway this order is known as the “Blacklisting Rule.” 

the order says:

“This order seeks to increase efficiency and cost savings in the work performed by parties who contract with the Federal Government by ensuring that they understand and comply with labor laws” and regulations.

The effect this executive order has is that it creates purpose and establishes intent for out of control government involvement and corruption. Those businesses that the government favors will be permitted to receive government contracts and as an extension, progressively any state or locality that receives federal funding. This is one of the backdoors that was being built by President Obama and Tom Perez to control businesses – through the control of people through regulations. It is also part of the Democrats electoral strategy to control conservative districts, make them weaker. Tom Perez who is coincidentally in the running to be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee of course has been written about widely in this blog for widespread discrimination and corruption. 

The EEOC, NLRB, EPA, Justice Department and other regulatory bodies collect this data now and are using it collaboratively today to build that political blacklisting machine Obama and Perez were to planning to pass to Hillary Clinton.

The next section of the executive order says:

“Helping executive departments and agencies (agencies) to identify and work with contractors with track records of compliance will reduce execution delays and avoid distractions and complications that arise from contracting with contractors with track records of noncompliance.”

Government “Helping” means a big bureaucracy we don’t need and can’t afford.  This also means the government can say, “If you don’t do what I want, you can’t get money.”

We need to focus on reducing regulations everywhere now, add back what we need later.

We need to reverse this executive order today.

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