Democrats March on Washington

Democrats in liberal cities across the country today protested against the Trump administration’s plans to “Make America Great Again” and for saying he will put “America First” when making decisions. President Trump has also said that he intends to eradicate radical Islamic terrorists, improve existing international trade deals and make better new ones, rebuild crumbling infrastructure, protect against cyber attacks, increase jobs and grow the economy by reducing taxes and regulations, replace Obamacare with a better health care system, protect the constitutional rights of all Americans irrespective of race or national origin, and secure U.S. borders. The Democrats also oppose the President’s goals of strengthening the U.S. military by making it more lethal, and improving veteran’s care for the few citizens who voluntarily offer to sacrifice their lives in service so that the United States remains a free country.

Meanwhile, the rights of women in Saudi Arabia received no press or attention from the Democrats today.

According to the World Economic Forum, Saudi Arabia is ranked 141 out of 144 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index. The U.S. is ranked 45th and First Lady Melania Trump’s home country is ranked near the top at number 8. Iceland is ranked number 1.

Speaking at one event today to thousands at the march, Madonna threatened to blow up the White House to prevent President Trump from achieving his agenda. Rumors circulated quickly online that the U.S. Secret Service may be involved. Her speech can be viewed here. Threatening the President of the United States is a serious crime under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.

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