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In mid-October 1980, Ronald Reagan trailed Jimmy Carter by 6 points in national polls.

Ronald Reagan (R)

Jimmy Carter (D)

John Anderson (I)




In today’s Real Clear Politics average of polls, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 6.5 points – 48.1 to 41.6 percent.

In the final week of the 1980 campaign, Carter’s lead grew and Reagan trailed Carter by 8 points in polls right before their debate – one full week before the election…

On election day in 1980, Ronald Reagan won election in a landslide – beating Jimmy Carter by 489 to 49 electoral votes (Trump needs 270 to win).

Ronald Reagan (R)

Jimmy Carter (D)

John Anderson (I)




The same Republican Establishment and media that opposes Trump opposed Reagan in 1980 and the national polls could not capture the magnitude of Reagan’s movement.

This election is far from over – history tells us that anything can happen now.

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