The Second American Civil War

The Washington Post on Friday released audio of Donald Trump having a “locker room” type conversation about women more than a decade ago – in 2005 on an open mic with George H.W. Bush’s nephew, Billy Bush. Both men have apologized for their comments. Also on Friday, WikiLeaks released campaign emails from earlier this year that prove Hillary Clinton lied to voters – this time about her stance on open borders and trade deals during paid secret speeches to Wall Street firms where she was paid millions of dollars.

Reaction in the media and inside the beltway to these stories has been swift. Millennial voters who supported Bernie Sanders say they will never vote for Clinton while the Bushes and anti-Trump establishment Republican politicians say they will never vote for Trump. Former President George H.W. Bush – whose nephew is at the center of the disparaging remarks – is voting for Hillary Clinton for president.

On election day, Trump voters should abstain from voting for any Republican on the ballot in their state that is anti-Trump. In Virginia that includes Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) who faces a competitive reelection challenge in her northern Virginia district. Any Republican politician willing to hand the election to Clinton should be rebuffed.

Voters should clean house once and for all by sending a signal to the Republican establishment in Washington on election day that enough is enough. The Bush Family and establishment Republicans have done everything possible in this campaign to elect Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters need to send a message on election day that “we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!” They need to knock on doors and on election day show up.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election a civil war may break out. The country is divided between the political establishment of both parties in Washington and the rest of America who pay taxes, obey our laws and create jobs. It is time to change the direction of our country and today marks the beginning of the Second American Civil War between the Bush and Clinton Dynasty’s of Washington elites and Wall Street bankers against the irredeemable deplorable Americans they despise.

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