Hillary Sucks

The American War On Radical Terrorism of 2016

In the debate on Monday night, when the moderator was pressing Donald J. Trump on race relations, many viewers wondered why Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t asked about her support for Black Lives Matter protestors  who commit hate related crimes and murder police officers across our country.

It has been widely reported that Mr. Trump is a vocal supporter of improving law enforcement and border security to make Americans safe again. Mr. Trump has proposed providing federal block grants to states for school vouchers to increase opportunities in poor communities and says he will eliminate Common Core to improve education through state and local competitions. Mr. Trump has proposed a comprehensive family/child care program for youth and seniors that is market driven and says he supports the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, enacting major tax cuts to stimulate the economy and increase jobs, enabling energy independence from Middle Eastern oil, gun rights and religious freedoms for all Americans.

But more importantly, on national security Mr. Trump has put a name to the single most dangerous immediate threat to our country’s safety and prosperity – radical Islamic terrorism. Mr. Trump’s national security strategy to defeat this enemy is clear and comprehensive despite Hillary Clinton and media claims that he has no plan.

Yet contrary to the many detailed policy positions that Mr. Trump has put forward in this campaign, Mrs. Clinton in rallies this week says that she believes the biggest threats to the security of the United States is global warming and forgiving student loan debt. Mrs. Clinton touts all police involved shootings as discriminatory and says a Donald Trump presidency is supported by irredeemable and deplorable people. She will keep Obamacare, raise everyone’s taxes, increase regulations that stifle innovation and kill jobs; and continue to discourage domestic coal energy production by providing federal taxpayer subsidies to high cost fuel alternatives.

When Hillary Clinton blows her dog whistle and says, “Stronger Together” she is signaling her special interest groups to fund her ridiculous policies so she can win the election.  She represents only those big donors who provide her money in exchange for favors, not normal working Americans who support the Constitution and the military and veterans. Special interest groups that swirl to fund the Clinton political machine do not have American’s interests in mind; they only aim to enrich themselves.

Many Americans believe that the biggest threat to the security of our nation stems from the rapid ongoing loss of freedom and prosperity that has accelerated during the Obama administration. According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, only 28.6 percent of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction. That means more than 7 out of every 10 people surveyed believe the country is on the wrong track.

Despite these views by the majority of Americans, Mrs. Clinton insists she wants to continue the current direction under Obama that has doubled the national debt, divided the American people more by race, and opened our borders to allow American jobs to flow to other countries while radical Islamic terrorists invade our neighborhoods from foreign countries.

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It is indeed an indictment of our educational systems and mass media culture that so many Americans – up to 49 percent in some recent polls – support Clinton and don’t know or care that the Obama and Hillary direction will be a disaster for our country. Americans will continue to have a stagnate economy and declining influence in the world under Hillary Clinton. Our enemies will be emboldened. Our nation is being transformed by the Democratic Party into a weak world organization that empowers only the Washington establishment and media elites and Hillary Rodham Clinton is their standard bearer.

Sadly, too many people in our country today were never taught or raised by their parents to know that when our country is under attack, it is our Constitution that needs to be defended – not opposed. Our next president, whoever it is, will take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic. If Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected president, the oath she takes in January 2017 will be just another lie in her long list of lies issued during her lifelong journey to power. If Hillary is elected, the corrupt control of our country from the highest office in the world will have been sold to the highest bidders.

Freedom and prosperity for all Americans will be lost forever if Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected to the office of the President of the United States of America and future generations will inherit fewer freedoms and experience the consequences of economic and social decline.

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