How to Win Everything in November

After Labor Day both U.S. presidential campaigns and political parties will spend billions of dollars to gain our attention and secure our vote. So rather than chase the special interest drama being thrust upon us through our phones, radios and televisions by a corrupt and useless national media and Washington elites, there is an opportunity for real change in this election with one simple question in the presidential debates.

Moderator: “I have a question for Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. The president is term limited in office. Do you support or oppose term limits for members of Congress and if you support term limits, what have you done during your campaign to show your support? If you oppose term limits, please explain why.”

The candidate that will lose the election will hem and haw and obfuscate their response and leave voters confused.

But the winning candidate – the one who’s party will sweep the election – will be the one who says this:

“As you know, a few weeks ago I called upon every elected official running for office in my party from Congress and at the state government level across the nation to make one thing their top legislative priority in my first 100 days in office – enact congressional term limits. I speak about it at every rally. Article V prescribes how an amendment can become a part of the Constitution. While there are two ways, only one has ever been used so I call upon every member of the House and Senate from both parties either in office now or running for office to join my movement and send two simple proposals to the states for a vote if I am elected President of the United States. Three-fourths of the states must affirm the proposed Amendments for term limits so I also call upon all state legislators in both political parties across the nation to join us. That’s how we make real change in Washington. That’s how we put an end to the corruption by our politicians. That’s how we make America great again!”

Here are the two proposals that two thirds of both Houses in Congress must approve and three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States) must ratify to become part of the U.S. Constitution.

No person shall be elected Representative more than twice in a lifetime. No person shall be elected Senator more than once in a lifetime.

Representatives and Senators are prohibited from working for the federal government or representing any entities, companies, or any other organizations that influence or receive appropriated funds from the federal government or intermediaries for 10 years after leaving elected office.

Can the language in these two proposals be improved? Sure. But the point is that we need to pry open the doors to our government for more good Americans willing to serve and fix our problems in Washington and not keep electing the same people into a system that is rigged. Implementing term limits will make government service less attractive to the parasites that currently infest it, and make government service more attractive to those who only want to serve. We will immediately purge our system and clear the way for significant reform.

This is how we return control of our government back to We The People. If this question is not asked in the debates, then everything else being discussed in this election cycle and pumped into our brains is just propaganda created and delivered to us by all the people already in office who only want to serve themselves and remain in power.

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