Trump’s Policies Are Crystal Clear

In the past week beginning with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s coronation speech last Thursday night at the Democratic national convention, the Trump campaign has been under continuous assault by the mainstream media and establishment elites in Washington D.C. who are committed to distracting voters and preventing them from hearing Mr. Trump’s policies.

The establishment and media elites have become so unhinged at the prospect of a Trump presidency that they are reporting as news today that there is ‘a secret intervention being planned’ for the candidate, while circulating exaggerated reports of missteps by the campaign and creating outrageous rumors that Mr. Trump is considering dropping out of the race.

This can only mean that Trump’s campaign is effective. Ending political correctness is a dirty job and thankfully we finally have a candidate who is willing to sacrifice so much to do it.

So what are the policy positions that these pundits and insiders say that Donald Trump lacks?

Well… Trump says he wants constitutional judges, secured borders, better trade deals, and less regulation and lower taxes to grow our economy. Trump will also honor the Social Security/Medicare promise, repeal Obama-care, take better care of our Vets and destroy our enemies.

And Hillary Rodham Clinton’s policies?  Depending on which version of the truth you choose to believe from her – Hillary says she wants more liberal judges, open borders, bad trade deals, higher taxes that will destroy our economy, expanded entitlements, exploding national debt, more regulations, and expanded Obama-care. Her democratic party is fully committed to continuing Obama’s failed policies, like ignoring our Veteran’s health needs and continuing to show weakness and apology to our enemies around the globe.

In any contest, it is important to understand that only a fool follow’s their opponent’s advice. Voters should tune out all the noise in this election cycle. Policy matters and at this stage of the campaign Trump’s policies are what a majority of our citizens want. Trump’s commitment to eliminating political correctness on the political stage is just a bonus and something this country desperately needs now.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Elections have consequences and Obama has been a disaster for this country. Hillary Rodham Clinton is committed to continuing all of Obama’s policies and moving even further to the left.

That’s the only choice ‘We The People’ have in this election. Trump is not the lessor of two evils like the mainstream media and establishment elites in Washington D.C. want you to believe.  He is standing up for all the disenfranchised American citizens who need a voice now. For everyone who loves our country and knows we need strong leaders running it who won’t bend to all the corruption and abuse of power in Washington that Clinton helped create, Trump’s policies are crystal clear. He wants to make America Great Again!

Hillary on the other hand is just another Washington insider hack who gets a pass by the media at every turn. She hasn’t held a press conference since 2015. She is a corrupt politician and unindicted felon which makes her unfit to serve in our nation’s highest office or have access to any classified information.

If Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected president in November 2016, this country and everything we stand for will go straight to hell.

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