Racism Exposed at the U.S. Department of Labor

Read the article Aung Htein Terrorized African Americans at Labor Department for the full shocking story about racial discrimination against African Americans, corruption and whistleblower retaliation involving Rosemary Lahasky at the U.S. Department of Labor.

A significant number of complaints have been made about widespread wrongdoing and systemic racial discrimination against African American employees by two senior federal public officials at the U.S. Department of Labor. Blacks and African Americans who work at Labor are being treated like slaves on a plantation by the Democrats who rule this federal agency.

According to witness documents including affidavits obtained by this reporter, Lisa Lahrman and Aung Htein have been accused of discriminatorily denying promotions and other opportunities for African-American employees under their direct supervision. Lahrman and Htein could face charges and civil lawsuits for racial discrimination, retaliating against Whistleblowers, engaging in prohibited personnel practices, and for fraudulently using federal legal resources that are funded by taxpayers for their own personal use. Sources say that Lahrman, an attorney who oversees human resources at the agency, has even hired her own son in violation of the law and Htein, who is the Director of Information Technology, is being investigated for contracting fraud.

Lahrman and Htein are career federal bureaucrats with no real marketable skills who currently work in the agency’s Employment and Training Administration.  Both are considered by associates as evil and incompetent public figures who have been protected from prosecution by their bosses Byron Zuidema and Portia Wu.

Employees with first-hand knowledge of the investigations also say that Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez has been covering up the scandals and stonewalling investigators and inquiries from Congress to run out the clock on his administration.  His presidential appointment ends in January 2017.

An employee named “George” who wants  to remain otherwise anonymous says he works for Lahrman, and that he is seeing no changes in her racist behavior. “She is fully aware she is being watched but she doesn’t care.  She is continuing to discriminate even now. Steps should be taken to aid African American federal employees, contractors, and Whistleblowers at the Department of Labor by providing a high visibility shield against these abusers of authority by firing them. They need to be an example that puts an end to the institutional racism here,” he said.

The affidavits, completed investigations and court documents will be posted online as they become publicly available. Sources inside the Inspector General say that all the active investigations already underway have been extended due to the wrongdoing involved and are scheduled to be completed before the election in November 2016.

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Lisa Lahrman who is married to Robert E. Kirschman, is the acting Administrator and Administrative Officer for the Office of Management and Administrative Services at the Department of Labor.  Her phone number is 202-693-3295 and her email address is Lahrman.Lisa.L@dol.gov.

Aung Htein is the Director of the Office of Information Systems and Technology at the Department of Labor.  His phone number is 202-696-6445 and his email address is Htein.Aung@dol.gov.

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