A Letter to all 2016 Presidential Candidates

~~ This is a letter from a federal Whistleblower’s Family ~~

All Presidential Candidates,

Whistleblowers are freelancers in the government and free press that help fight corruption and restore honor to government service. We are Americans who reside in Virginia.  One of us is a federal Whistleblower at a federal agency in Washington D.C.  We would like to offer you some advice:

The best way to identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in our government is to create a culture of protection and honor for Whistleblowers. It will cost a fraction of what you’ll gain – not just in recovery efforts but also in prevention. We are not talking about snitches here; we are talking about people who are trying to do the right thing and will be permitted to do so. The Christian thing. And despite what your advisors might say, that culture does not exist today in our federal government anymore.

Everybody in this country knows about the waste, fraud and abuse in all our federal programs but no one inside the beltway will step up and help define it because they are afraid. Politicians lack courage to challenge it.  People who work in government or for contractors who work for the government are afraid to report anything

And don’t think for a moment that they don’t see it because everyone who is honest does. Their biggest fear in not coming forward is not being able to put food on their family dinner table since reporting corruption and fraud is analogous to committing treason in the federal government. The open acts of retaliation against Whistleblowers are ubiquitous.

We need revolutionary change in America – and here are some ideas we think will help you:

We need to incentivize all people who work in the government to report abuses by first protecting whistleblowers from retaliation.  That is the root cause of the problem.  The incentive to do what is right for our country has nearly evaporated during the Obama administration.  Whistleblowers have a target on their back and they all know it.

One way to dramatically disrupt Washington D.C. quickly is by finding a way to pay all Whistleblower legal fees – whether they win or lose – through whistleblower insurance and then rewarding Whistleblowers through national recognition.  The financial pain and physical and emotional suffering people like us and our families endure as Whistleblowers is horrendous, it is hell. It is the worst experience ever in our lives.

Whistleblowers should not have to bow down to seek protection from our bureaucracies and evil, incompetent and racist federal bureaucrats; they should be honored and given a medal for doing the right thing.

If you get elected our President, please put forward legislation in your first 100 days to immediately purge our government of the establishment elite and power hungry lobbyist and protected bureaucrats across our federal government.  Take immediate steps to clear the way for significant reforms that make our country great again by working with Whistleblowers to develop legislation that provides funding to support Whistleblowers legal fees.

Lastly, you will need to find a way to create a culture of protection and honor for Whistleblowers so that when fraud, waste and abuse appear, it is dealt with quickly and not concealed by government agency legal departments, boards, or commissions.

Best Wishes for Your Success in the Election,

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This letter was submitted to all candidates through their websites.

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