Punishing Corruption at the NLRB

Punishing Corruption at the NLRB

This is the fourth article in the “Killing Whistleblower Retaliators at the NLRB” series.

February 15, 2018

Two senior U.S. government officials have resigned from the federal government for corruption, contract fraud and discriminating against a  disabled Veteran after being caught carrying out illegal Prohibited Personnel Practices to retaliate against a whistleblower in violation of the law.1

Sources believe that former National Labor Relations Board Chairman Phillip Miscimarra and Deputy General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo were fired for retaliating against a whistleblower who reported government waste, fraud and abuse.2

The punishment for Philip Miscimarra’s involvement in whistleblower retaliation became known this week after it was announced that he returned to same old jobs he held before his nearly five-year fling on the National Labor Relations Board.  

At the law firm Morgan Lewis, Miscimarra returned to lead the firm’s NLRB special appeals practice that assists clients with appeals to the board and its general counsel. Miscimarra will also resume his former role as senior fellow at the Center for Human Resources at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.

The scandal is still being investigated by the Department of Justice (DOJ).3

For more on Abruzzo, scroll down to JENNIFER ABRUZZO REJECTED FOR BOARD POSITION in the UPDATES… section of this article to see how whistleblower retaliator Jennifer Abruzzo got fired. Also, read the article, Jennifer Abruzzo Resigns from NLRB for the gritty details about Abruzzo’s final workday at the NLRB and her abrupt departure from government employment under a dark cloud of corruption charges and abuse of power.

The Department of Homeland Security and the NLRB refuse to respond to all Capitol Hellway Media Company LLC requests for comment on the matter.4

Shirley McKay / Correspondence Management Analyst / Office of Legislative Affairs at the U.S. Department of Justice stated in an email on January 8 that, “After the review is completed a written response will be sent…”

a sum paid for killing or capturing a person or animal

Hi. My name is Johnny. I am a whistleblower. My goal in writing these articles is to cast bright sunshine on the corrupt people who retaliate against whistleblowers, and then discover creative new ways to ensure that these parasites are severely punished and destroyed. Please read more about my writing here.

Friendly Reminder
This is the fourth article in the Killing Whistleblower Retaliators at the NLRB series.


“I was retaliated against and fired from my government job for blowing the whistle on two corrupt bureaucrats who are still permitted to hold a federal government job.”

The DOJ is currently investigating senior NLRB officials after I complained to Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL).5

In the next stage of reporting for this story, I intend to raise the voltage a bit on the two federal employees that I blew the whistle on, and their two loyal accomplices. These people need to be placed on a target list for immediate removal from the U.S. federal government workforce by any means necessary.

After removal, these people should all be banned from working for any U.S. federal agency or contractor for the rest of their lives. These parasitic bastards should also be prohibited from voting or holding public office. 

“To me and a growing number of other moral people from around the world, this type of punishment is only a fraction of what these animals deserve for the pain and suffering they caused me and my family.”

I will want to pray each morning now;
that they all suffer a horrible and painful death.
I will want to fantasize in my dreams;
that they are all stripped, and beaten with a baseball bat;
and then chained alive to the back of a fast car.
I will want to visualize each of them in slow motion
being dragged down a gravel road at high speed.
To see the fear and dread in their faces.
And then watch them being dragged on a paved parking lot
while the car is doing donuts,
until their skulls crack open and their brains
spill out into a big circle of blood.


Whistleblower Retaliators NLRB - Aburvasamy - Sharma - Xing - Marks

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows American Citizens to create and publish poetry and satirical art about what they want to pray about, or what they want to dream about. Mixing reality with poetic satire as a metaphor in this way is intended to help steer public imagination to a policy to punish whistleblower retaliators so severely that no one in the future will ever consider doing it again.

The bottom line is that Prem Aburvasamy and Eric Marks I believe broke the law and retaliated against me when I blew the whistle on them to the entire leadership of the National Labor Relations Boarda.k.a. NLRB. 

On November 30, 2016, I made a written protected whistleblower complaint to the NLRB General Counsel, the Inspector General David Potts Berry and the entire Board at the NLRB, including the Chairman Philip A. Miscimarra. In an email with the subject “Request for Help,” I complained that my current working environment was hostile. I literally “begged” them to halt the active retaliation that was being carried out against me by Aburvasamy and Marks for making protected whistleblower complaints.

Hari Sharma and Ying Xing are two of the most dishonest and emotionally disturbed government bureaucrats I have ever met in my life. Sharma and Xing were named as accomplices in the whistleblower retaliation lawsuit I filed against the NLRB on April 25, 2017.7 

As his former supervisor, I think that it is fair to say that GS-14 Hari Sharma is a mediocre software developer who immigrated to the U.S. with antiquated technology skills and no ambition for learning American values. It was clear to me that Hari Sharma hates America. When he worked for me, Hari Sharma complained constantly about how he bought his house at the top of the bubble and was underwater on his mortgage and really needed to find a way to get more money. Sharma stated that if he could sell his home and break even on the sale, he would move back to India as quickly as possible because he hates Americans, especially White people. Obviously, given his poor character and deep hatred for Americans and the fact that he sucks at software development, well, it doesn’t take very long for a highly skilled software development manager to see that Hari Sharma is just a worthless federal government worker who immigrated to the U.S. to feed like a parasite on American taxpayer money at the expense of Americans who want to live and work in this country.

Ying Xing shares Sharma’s hatred for Americans and they are very close friends. As her former supervisor, I would describe Ying Xing to a prospective employer as a very emotionally unstable and immature person. Ying Xing is an immigrant with very weak English speaking skills and low reading comprehension who is often very confused in conversations. In terms of her job performance, possibly due to the language barrier, Ying Xing really hasn’t got a clue what she is doing and has no business being paid as a GS-14.

In my experiences, Hari Sharma and Ying Xing have the skills to perform at about the GS-7 level, not the GS-14 level that they are both paid. Sharma and Xing are being overpaid by taxpayers a total of about $200,000 per year in total compensation combined, and together rake in over $300,000 per year from American taxpayers.

We made false official statements to the Inspector General - Hari Sharma and Ying Xing NLRB

The legal problem for Hari Sharma and Ying Xing is that they made false official statements to the Inspector General David Potts Berry that are contained in a memorandum he issued on January 3, 2017.8 Proof supported by material evidence that the two lied will be published later in this series. This series is based on many documents, some contained in the lawsuit case records described in footnote 7, FOIA requests and other sources.

I think that these four incompetent and morally bankrupt federal government bureaucrats should be clutched at the collar and tossed into prison where they can find out what it is like to be gang-raped!9

It must be stated that Aburvasamy and Marks are not the brightest bulbs by any measure, and they do continue to protect powerful people in the government. It is entirely possible that these two are too stupid to know that they are no longer being protected by their bosses.

I have a message for them. Don’t get comfortable!


I reported that Prem Aburvasamy and Eric Marks wasted more than $10 million in taxpayer money, and that Eric Marks has been paid over $2 million in compensation from U.S. taxpayers during his tenure with one federal agency. My complaint stated that Aburvasamy and Marks continue to engage in contract fraud to protect long-tenured federal government bureaucrats. For example, Jennifer Abruzzo, a 23 year veteran of the agency, was fired less than one month after I published the article, Killing Whistleblower Retaliators at the NLRB, the first story in this series about corruption at the NLRB.10

There is only one major obstacle remaining now to eliminating fraudulent and wasteful spending by the United States federal government.

We must identify and then exterminate, eliminate, and eradicate the incompetent long-tenured career bureaucrats in Washington D.C. that waste taxpayer money and retaliate against Whistleblowers. These are people, like Prem Aburvasamy, Eric Marks, Hari Sharma and Ying Xing that view abuse of authority and deceit as a way of life.

As a result of the overwhelming evidence against them, Prem Aburvasamy, Eric Marks, Hari Sharma and Ying Xing have all been nominated by Whistleblower Underground to be placed on the official international target list for removal from the U.S. federal government workforce by any legal means necessary.

I believe that a fair punishment for these parasites is to use all legal means necessary to destroy their lives. 

on punishing corruption at the NLRB


Bloomberg Law reported on February 8, 2018, that Jennifer Abruzzo was in fact recommended for a vacant regional director position in Baltimore late last year by former NLRB Chairman Phillip Miscimarra as a reward for retaliating against me, and that she was turned down for the job by the Office of Personnel Management after her ties to corruption at the agency were exposed.

Jennifer Abruzzo started a new job last week at the Communications Workers of America Union,  one month after being fired. According to the Bloomberg Law article, Abruzzo will be the union’s point person on National Labor Relations Board issues at its headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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The revolving door in government to the private sector still works well, and this union job for Abruzzo is certainly a step down from what she expected. Probably a favor to her to keep quiet.  Hopefully her career never recovers.


DHS Case Number N17003708: On December 6, 2017, a DHS agent and Sheriff’s counterintelligence officer came to my home in Florida after I published a story about corruption and Whistleblower retaliation at the National Labor Relations Board. The agents told my wife and me that we should “be careful” and contact them if we see anything unusual like our “cats getting killed” or sudden vandalism at our home. They said that they were just, “doing what some SES in Washington ordered,” referring to Prem Aburvasamy who works at the agency. I recorded the meeting. The two agents asked and I agreed to not publish the recording or reveal their identities online because they said that they fear retaliation if I publish their names together with the details of our conversation. They seemed like good men who were just following ridiculous orders from parasitic bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

According to a letter dated February 7, 2018, from Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, the Department of Justice is still reviewing the conduct of Prem Aburvasamy, Eric Marks and other NLRB officials including the Inspector General David Potts Berry and Freedom of Information Act Officer Synta Keeling who are all involved in the complaint.

Email Update NLRB Department of Justice


DHS FOIA Request Number: 2018-NPFO-000152

Rochelle Carpenter / FPS FOIA Officer / National Protection and Programs Directorate / U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Desk: (703) 235-2211

DHS is withholding the Freedom of Information Act request in violation of 5 U.S.C. § 552.

Documents Requested: all records related to DHS Case Number N17003708 including all forms, notes, files, correspondence, phone records, etc.

NLRB FOIA Tracking Numbers:

APPEAL Letter LR-2017-1152

Synta Keeling / NLRB FOIA Officer / Phone: (202) 273-2995 / Email: Synta.Keeling@nlrb.gov

NLRB refuses to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests in violation of 5 U.S.C. § 552.       

For the record, I do not intend to murder Washington swamp creatures Aburvasamy, Marks, Sharma and Xing. I only want to see their lives destroyed.

If you want to participate in their destruction, please send me your ideas about how to make these morally bankrupt bureaucrats legally suffer for all the pain they inflicted upon me for being a whistleblower.11

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Internet records can last a long time and are easily searchable.

Believe in KARMA
Severe punishment for whistleblower retaliators is finally available to US.

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